Mosaic update

The Mosaic Story

After a 16 year journey building my finance brokerage from one client to thousands of clients, I sold the business I had started in 2003 at 22 years old.

By David Cowen  

An artisan approach to private credit… 

“In the practice of any craft, we are less concerned with the quantity of the product than with its quality, and less concerned with the product than with the artisan.”

–  Lanza Del Vasto


I am proud of my 16 year journey in the business I founded in 2003 at 22 years old, straight out of university and built from one client to thousands of clients with a loyal and dedicated team. Starting my finance business so young in an equally young industry, I was a part of the significant market share growth as mortgage brokers defined and established their customer value proposition, and lenders were forced to respect the broker channel.  

A conversation in 2018 was a defining moment that presented the next phase of my personal and professional journey, giving me the opportunity to fulfil my vision to create a unique and compelling new business. Not long after a major life event, I sold my business to respected industry friends, providing my clients with a new team to guide them, and allowing my energy and passion to focus on the next chapter.  

My new beginning was a partnership with Harris Capital, the private family office of Geoff Harris, the co-founder of ASX-listed Flight Centre and his son Brad Harris, the co-founder of Signature Hospitality Group. One of their key investment pillars was private credit, and our partnership was framed around building a private credit fund that met the family’s investment mandate. We had a united belief in doing private credit differently and creating something distinctive, unexpected, and not your traditional finance or investment company.  

Aligned with the Harris family’s values, I envisaged a business with deep purpose that provided harmony, meaningful contribution, and a connection to self, family, friends, community, and wellbeing. Assembling these and many other pieces together, one word kept flowing into my mind, and after a few weeks, I sent a one line email to Brad Harris saying the name of our new business. Thereafter, we had our name and the underlying philosophy for our Mosaic 

Our core purpose is Crafting elegant solutions, a powerful balance of art and science that speaks to how we engage with our key stakeholders – Investors and Borrowers. We embrace an artisan mindset and understand that the process of intricately and deliberately placing many individual pieces together allows the whole to become greater than the sum of the parts. An artisan has a dedication to, and pride in learning their craft, prioritises slowing down to think strategically, a focus on values over profit maximisation and a strategy for working with fewer clients, and deeper partnerships to promote a more synergistic and enjoyable work environment. 

As private credit artisans, we patiently laid the foundations deploying our private credit investment off balance sheet for three years to prove our investment strategy, build the team, diversify the portfolio, and establish our governance framework before inviting external investors to participate alongside us. We spent time refining our risk assessment, policies, and internal processes. We observed the market to ascertain opportunities to support quality business owners access capital. We introduced the Mosaic philosophy to our longstanding industry relationships showing them the power of collaboration, not competition, in private credit.   

Witnessing the growth and corporatisation of numerous private credit funds over the last ten years, we identified the mid-market segment, where we provide business owners with unrivalled value and investors with superior risk-adjusted returns. As founders who spent decades refining their craft, we respect the value of the right partners to execute your business growth strategy, so we keep our borrower relationships limited and offer the full spectrum of the private family office partnership. We are building a legacy business and will be supporting our borrowers for ours and their long term journey.    



For us, doing private credit differently starts with knowing that the right funding solution is only sometimes private credit, so we created Mosaic with the capacity to broker transactions to the spectrum of bank, non-bank, and institutional funders. We draw on our experience, relationships, and integration with mainstream lenders to access bespoke funding, and where suitable, we blend our capital with trusted bank and non-bank partners. A blended funding arrangement is often a better outcome for the borrower and allows Mosaic to craft elegant solutions for our investors by supporting quality sponsors and transactions.  

A fresh wave of private credit operators is entering the market, and we have positioned Mosaic Private as a private credit funds manager of choice for Investors and Borrowers over the next decade and beyond.