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Equine Pathways – Social Impact Partnership

When things change, it’s easy to focus on what you have lost, but by connecting with the Equine Pathways community, I realised that change is also a blessing.

By Melissa Cannon  

One of the biggest drivers to join Mosaic Private three years ago was David Cowen and the Harris Family’s passion for giving back to the community. You never know when your life will change, but inevitably that is the only constant in life… change. 

When I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in 2021, and a subsequent neurological disorder caused debilitating impacts on my life, I felt very lost and vulnerable, as things that previously came naturally were no longer possible. It impacted how I socially interact. I love outdoor sports and adventures with my friends, and I can no longer participate because I can’t walk any great distances now. My dreams and independence felt like they were slipping away, I needed support, and I am not one to ask for help. This was very confronting.  

Julia Battams, Founder and Program Executive Manager of Equine Pathways Australia (EPA) invited me to a weekend clinic. There was a profound sense of community and belonging from the moment I walked in. The room was filled with love and laughter, and it felt safe to be vulnerable.  

When things change, it’s easy to focus on what you have lost, but by connecting with the Equine Pathways community, I realised that change is also a blessing. Not only could they help me adjust to a degenerative disease, but more importantly, I found a community I could support.  

The fundamental philosophy of EPA is “making people’s lives better”, and I understood my business and corporate community would be touched and grounded by the EPA participants, and they had the financial capacity to help change people’s lives significantly. With the support of Mosaic Private, I organised and hosted a charity luncheon, and from the over ninety people who attended, we raised more than $100k. 

Our event helped EPA to have an awards night that presented various awards for contribution and achievement and saw the recipients of the bursary and scholarship programs announced. The bursary program allows participants to attend a full year of EPA clinics at no cost, ensuring no one is excluded due to financial circumstances. The scholarship program assists identified athletes in reaching their performance goals and dreams. Witnessing the joy and sense of gratitude from the recipients was one of the most moving experiences in my life. 

From Warren Moore, EPA Acting Chairman 

“Equine Pathways Australia was very fortunate and extremely honoured to have been chosen as the Charity partner for lunch hosted by Mosaic Private in May 2022.   

The timing of the fundraising lunch couldn’t have come at a better time for EPA as we had recently been able to recommence our activities following two years of Covid enforced interruptions and cancellations to our face-to-face clinic program for athletes with physical impairments.  While we were able to survive the “Covid years” through regular Zoom meetings to keep our community connected, our participants suffered from isolation from their friends and, perhaps more significantly for many of them, the inability to physically connect with horses, which is the glue around which the EPA community is based. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Mosaic luncheon is probably the most important event that EPA has experienced during its relatively short life since its launch in September 2019. 

The funds raised at lunch were beyond our most optimistic hopes.  Our breath was taken away when the final count was over $100,000. We have been able to go forward with renewed confidence and self-belief, which was knocked about during the lockdowns. The funds raised have been game changers for EPA in the past 12 months. 

Firstly, one donation allowed Julia to dedicate one day each week for a year to developing the national EPA program.  This has seen us introduce our program to people in NSW, SA, Queensland, and Western Australia and develop internal processes to support this growth. Our numbers have grown in the past 12 months from less than 50 participants in Victoria to now approaching 200 nationwide. 

Secondly, several donations were received for our planned Bursary and High-Performance Scholarship programs. We were excited to announce the recipients of the Bursaries and HP Scholarships at our inaugural EPA Annual Awards night on the 14th of April, 2023. 

The balance of funds raised at lunch enabled us to continue to run our monthly clinics.   

EPA’s growth over the past 12 months has been significant, and we are very proud of what we have been able to achieve in extending the EPA community nationwide.  Participants have developed a network of friends, both intra and inter-state, which has proved invaluable to many when they travel for competitive or personal reasons. We believe life-long friendships have developed through the community created these past 12 months. 

Without wishing to repeat myself, the support from Mosaic in having this lunch and choosing us as beneficiaries of the incredible support from their staff, clients, investors, and friends have made a more positive difference to the EPA program than you could imagine.  

EPA not only assists the participants but also helps the associated family and carers, as they, too, have a community of support to lean on. 

So, for everyone that attended the luncheon and contributed, we wanted to say thank you. Your contribution has assisted in “making people’s lives better.” 

Equine Pathways Charity Partner Lunch