Mosaic update

Governance from the ground up

Investor trust is of utmost importance at Mosaic Private. We are committed to maintaining excellent corporate governance, ensuring that our investors have full confidence in our actions and believe in our adherence to best practices.

By Tony Woods  

At Mosaic Private, we understand that those who invest with us need to trust us and believe we are doing everything how it should be done. This particularly relates to good corporate governance, which encompasses how our organisation is controlled and operates and the policies and processes by which we hold ourselves accountable. 

Ethics, risk management, compliance and administration all fall under our definition of governance. Before any external investors were accepted, I joined the business in August 2021 to review, refine and embed risk and governance protocols.  

Consistent with our intention to be an investor centric manager, we ensure that all our actions have the investor at heart. As those who know us appreciate, Mosaic Private is unlike many Fund Managers established with a key priority of early high growth and then having a capital structure change or cash event.  

We are building an enduring business model that will foster long term relationships with our investors, giving them a trusted trans-generational partner who can help them manage existing funds and create further wealth.  

As cornerstone investors ourselves, we have embedded a culture of always putting investors first, and the business has been built around this tenet. Even to the point where the owners, via a Mosaic subsidiary, have invested $2.5m as a first loss reserve to cover capital losses for other investors up to this amount.

We do significant due diligence work before lending money to minimise the possibility of loss with lending structures to protect investors, including property security and director guarantees. We plan for potential issues upfront, to reduce the risk of being surprised or unprepared if something unexpected happens.

We know who we are and what we do and will stick to these skills. Our team has been built based on best practices and is comparable to any other manager, including those many times our size. Our processes and policies have been developed to meet best practice industry standards. We have an ESG policy and have incorporated this into our investment analysis, operations and decision making processes. We are a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.

Our Investment Committee has members with broad ranging finance industry, risk, and legal expertise with decades of experience at very senior levels in the Bank and Non-Bank sectors in Australia and Offshore, in addition to others with deep business experience, ensuring that no matter what situation arises we can deal with it. Our broader team has been handpicked to ensure they have a depth of knowledge and skills that far exceed those normally required for their roles, again to ensure we have the best people within our business. We intend to continue to attract and retain our talent and to create a Centre of investing excellence that will be a pleasure for investors to work with.

In its simplest form, we want our investors to be comfortable that we are always making decisions consistent with their best interests when they aren’t there.