Mosaic Private is a partnership with the private family office of Flight Centre co-founder Geoff Harris. We have opened our private family office investment platform developed with Harris Capital to external investors and commercial borrowers.

Our business is founded on the philosophy of the mosaic, a process that intricately and deliberately arranges many individual pieces together to create a composite of greater overall beauty. The whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. The genius of a mosaic lies in how each segment is positioned within the collective.

For Investors

Our private credit investments have been active since 2018. Before inviting external investors to participate alongside us, we built the foundations with a proven investment strategy, diversified portfolio and established governance and risk protocols.

Investor Enquiry
  • Latest month net return June 2024

  • YTD FY24 Net Return

  • Portfolio LVR (loan to value ratio)


The fund returned 13.11% net in the year to 30 June 2024 and 12.25% p.a. net over the life of the fund (31 months) as at 22 July 2024.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance

Mosaic Capital Fund

Our Fund is open for wholesale and sophisticated investors to invest alongside the Mosaic Private Founding Partners and Investment Committee. We are proud to offer our investors:

  • Target Returns

    We target a high yield of 10% + per annum return (net of fees) and pay monthly distributions.

  • Commercial loans

    We invest in transactions secured by Australian real estate, providing recourse to the asset and directors guarantors.

  • Diversification

    A diversified portfolio of transactions that varies in size, asset type, borrower, and geography.

  • Capital preservation

    Our stringent risk assessment process ensures we only invest in transactions where the underlying risks are understood and acceptable.

  • First reserve units

    We have invested units valued at $2.5m, which will be used to keep other investors unit price at $1 in the event of a capital loss up to this amount.

  • Alignment

    Our Founders and Investment Committee are invested in the Fund, providing an alignment of interests. We treat your money like our own.

Monthly Fund Performance

  • June 2024
    Net Return

  • May 2024
    Net Return

  • April 2024
    Net Return


The fund returned 13.11% net in the year to 30 June 2024 and 12.25% p.a. net over the life of the fund (31 months) as at 22 July 2024.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance

For Borrowers

We identified the mid market segment and created a value proposition where approved commercial borrowers can access the full spectrum of Mosaic Private products developed with our private family office partners.

Borrower Enquiry
  • Private Credit
  • Commercial Brokerage
  • Debt Advisory
  • Business Advisory

Mosaic Private 100

Our team and founding partners have created successful businesses and appreciate the value of the right partners to achieve your vision. Mosaic Private limits its borrower relationships and only partners with up to 100 business owners, founders, and operators.

  • Partnership

    We only partner with limited borrowers with a true passion for their business and a compelling vision to achieve. We care about the journey.

  • Experience

    Our team has finance, banking, and private credit expertise, and our longstanding industry relationships help get the right outcome. We think beyond results.

  • Founders

    We are operators that communicate on your level. We respect the courage to start a business and the desire to leave a successful legacy. We have an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Agility

    Our experience, internal processes and industry partnerships mean we can fund the right transactions swiftly. We understand time matters.

  • Hybrid Model

    The right outcome doesn’t always include private credit. Our broking licence provides access to major banks, non-banks and institutional funders. We craft elegant solutions.

  • Advisory

    We offer advisory services that include access to our family office partners in business, private equity, property, philanthropy and social enterprise. We are your partner.

Funded Projects

“As private credit fund managers, we must commit ourselves to operating ethically, transparently and with a social conscience.”

Geoff Harris AM

Our Values

  • Keep it real

    Genuine, honest and humble, we’re true to ourselves and each other. We talk plainly and use language that is easy to understand. Confident in our own skin, we trust our instinct and place value on actions, not the clothes people wear.

  • Embrace an Artisan mindset

    Courageous, optimistic and innovative, we’re excited by possibility and always up for a challenge. Owners and operators first, we think laterally with a business and growth mindset and a ‘why not’ attitude. Never constrained by conventional practices, we’re always ready to jump outside the square and carve our own path.

  • Every piece matters

    Strategic, creative and collaborative, we see the big picture and have the skills to create it. We know that a truly elegant solution is created from many elements and near enough is not good enough. Every piece needs to carefully selected and positioned to work harmoniously together. Our success is your success. We all have a role to play and recognise that nothing or no one thrives in isolation.

  • No surprises

    Transparent, straightforward and fair, our reputation is everything. We’re here for the long run and committed to building deep and mutually beneficial relationships. We’re clear where we stand and expect the same from others. If something doesn’t go to plan, we’re upfront and never hide or sugar coat it.

Mosaic Private Segments

We crafted Mosaic Private with deep values and a desire to share our expertise to deliver business and finance solutions and positive social outcomes. Our social impact program partners our team with people, projects and causes that make a positive impact. You will discover Mosaic Private updates, Project Updates, and Social Impact stories in Our Segments.

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