Social Impact

Chasing Your Dreams

By Melissa Cannon   22 March

It’s funny how you can prepare your whole life for your dreams to come true, and when they do, when you are in the moment, you realise just how hard it is to make your dreams happen!

Social Impact

Equine Pathways Australia – Mosaic Charity Showcase 2023

By David Cowen   4 December

We were pleased to host 160 people in late November for our second annual Mosaic Charity Showcase supporting Equine Pathways Australia at Leonda in Hawthorn.

Social Impact

Discussing debt in philanthropy

By Tabitha Lovett   4 June

The use of debt in philanthropy is an interesting topic with potential benefits and drawbacks. Using debt can allow organisations to make a bigger impact and provide a stable funding source, while the risk, as with all debt, requires sound due diligence, budgets, financial projections, and management. 

Mosaic update

Governance from the ground up

By Tony Woods  

Investor trust is of utmost importance at Mosaic Private. We are committed to maintaining excellent corporate governance, ensuring that our investors have full confidence in our actions and believe in our adherence to best practices.

Social Impact

Fifth Direction – Social Impact Partnership

By Asher Packman, President of Meditation Australia   30 May

In a world where we often seek validation and completion outside ourselves, The Fifth Direction invites us to explore our own true nature, finding harmony within the seemingly ever-growing chaos of modern life.

Social Impact

Equine Pathways – Social Impact Partnership

By Melissa Cannon  

When things change, it’s easy to focus on what you have lost, but by connecting with the Equine Pathways community, I realised that change is also a blessing.